Monthly Digest. October Issue

Production relaunch and atelier facelift

This month we finally relaunched the production of stapled notebooks that was discontinued in 2019, exactly two years ago. Kudos to those who have stayed with us all this time. Thank you guys, we wouldn’t have made it without you. We also gave a facelift to the atelier, you’re very welcome to stop by when you’re in Paris.

Sharing stories behind the Scenes 

As Soumkine turns five years, we decided to share stories behind the creation of different products and collections. You can check out the first feature on the zero-waste collection here.

Gifting notebooks from the archives 

We also added more books as gifts from the archive that you can add for free using the code SPECIALGIFT at the checkout. Don’t forget to add the gift to your basket first). We wanted to give you the sense of being part of our story and literally touching the past. 

Bringing back iconic products 

We read all your messages about bringing back your favourite products and do our best to bring them back to life. You can now purchase your beloved softcover agenda and 100% Cotton paper sets. More items are coming back in the following weeks, so stay tuned.

Looking for a passionate SMM specialist 

Finally, we’re looking for someone who will help us spread the word about Soumkine and grow our audience. If you’re passionate about social media and community- building, please send us your CV and motivation letter to ( find full job posting here)

That’s it for now, friends, we’ll get back with more updates soon. Thanks for being with us on this journey!

Greetings from Paris,
Fiodor, Maria and Soumkine Team

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