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Artikel: Featuring Universal Planner 5th Gen: What's New

Featuring Universal Planner 5th Gen: What's New
Universal Planner

Featuring Universal Planner 5th Gen: What's New

You may call us hopeless perfectionists, but we believe in the beauty of artistic excellence and the power of small details. Today we are proud to share the best product we've ever made – the 5th generation of our Universal Planner. Here're some of the improvements that we made to bring Soumkine books even closer to perfection.

1. Binding improvement

The previous generation of Soumkine books was produced using the authentic machinery from the 20th century, which created a nice feel but couldn't achieve the quality we were looking for. The new generation of Soumkine books is produced using the latest technologies, evenly binding the signatures and creating a smooth consistent spine, beautiful to look at.  



2. Glueing improvements

We improved the glueing technique so that there're no breakages between the signatures, and the binding is more durable.

3. Elastic band, bookmark and side pocket

Over the past year we collected your feedback and brought your wishes to reality, making your Soumkine experience even better. Elastic band, bookmark, side pocket – these are the features you asked for and we're happy to bring them in.

soumkine notebook with elastic closure and inside pocket

4. Paper Weight

We love paper and never get tired of going through piles of paper catalogues to choose the one that fits best. This time we selected a smooth 100gsm ivory paper that feels like silk. Fountain-pen friendly as always, it doesn't bleed and is slightly thicker than the previous option, so that you don't get distracted by the scribbles from the previous page.

5. Design

Design is something we live and breathe by, it is one of the core elements of our DNA.  This time we focused on clarity and simplicity, avoiding over-sophisticated graphics and getting closer to nature.

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