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Luxury Hand-Sewn Journal. "The Top"Cotton Paper. Sketchbook. Slim (regular) Size

Angebot$28.00 USD
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Luxury Hand-Sewn sketchbooks stand above all others as it’s not just about making sketches or filling them out with calligraphy designs.

It’s about savouring every single pen stroke you make. Just as you do with a bottle of good old wine.

This is perfect solution for a gift or a long-term investment. It’s about being part of the paper culture history making. And we invite you on this journey with us.

Inside every dessin book you’ll find 100% cotton paper and a unique serial number. No compromise, it’s all about mastering the art of paper connoisseurship.

Slim (regular) Size

Best friend for your Acrobat Leather cover.
Take it with you on your next trip and enjoy making notes on the go.


• Luxury Hand-Sewn Journal is manufactured using traditional bookbinding technique: sewn by threads, it lies 180 degrees flat on the surface for a better experience.


• Binding: Hand-Sewn with threads

• Slim size is 4.3 × 8.3 inches (11 × 21 cm)
goes perfectly with Acrobat Leather Covers

• Every single notebook has a unique number

• 100% Pure Cotton paper (120 GSM)

• Cover type: Soft textured cover

• Sheet Color: White

• Excellent for Fountain pens

• Lies perfectly flat on the surface

• Size Depth: 4 mm

Other Specifications

Weight: 90 g




Why 100% Cotton Paper

• Beautiful smooth texture for an excellent writing experience.

• History to be proud of: our 100% cotton paper is made by on same paper mill in Italy as the one Napoleon and Beethoven used.

• Archival museum-quality paper. Remains white for more than 200 years.

• Works perfectly with any kind of fountain pens, even the leakiest ones.

• The most sustainable paper type with least environmental footprint. No trees were cut to produce it.



Luxury Hand-Sewn Journal. "The Top"Cotton Paper. Sketchbook. Slim (regular) Size
Luxury Hand-Sewn Journal. "The Top"Cotton Paper. Sketchbook. Slim (regular) Size Angebot$28.00 USD