We're growing. And we need your help!

Dear friends,

🌿 We're growing and growing too fast! 

Today, we've faced an unexpected amount of orders from you. Which is truly wonderful, thank you for your support! But the thing is, the turnaround time of fulfilling your orders is getting dramatically slow. 

This is a classic case for a startup. As you know, the right speed is very important in business - not too fast and not too slow. And we need your help us to stabilise the speed!

To be more precise, we need to optimise the printing process and speed up the dispatch of your orders.


What exactly do we need

📚 We ask you for your help... Again! 

At the moment, at our Parisian atelier, we use a printing machine, which allows us to print 16.000 pages per month. 

Due to huge demand and potential growth, we plan to expand the monthly limit up to 30.000 pages.

To achieve this goal, we need to buy a second printing press in early October. 

By the way, the second press will increase the life of the first one, and it will balance the workload.

How much does it cost

💶 The machine which suits our needs cost around €8.000 EUR and we found one in U.K. 

The only problem that we need to manage, is how fast we can gather this amount. It could take for us a several months, since we have a lot of bills to pay.

And we decided to ask for your help to achieve this goal sooner.


Here's how you can help us

⏱️ You can place a new order today, but we'd kindly ask you to wait around 3-4 weeks. Fortunately, the New Year is still a few months away and we have an extra time to print and ship everything for you. 

So if place your order now, you’ll get your planner in 3-4 weeks.



As some of you have been following our journey from the very beginning, in 2016, we wanted to thank you for your support. We would have never reached this point without having you on board. 

And if you're new to our global community, welcome to the club.

We believe that together we will take Soumkine to a whole new level.

Thank you so much,

Fiodor, Maria,
and Soumkine team (Serge, Christina, Aian and Elisa).

Soumkine Team


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