My Coloring Art Book. Hand-sewn. Pure Cotton Luxury Paper.

$66.00 USD

Start your art therapy today. 

Being an entrepreneur and running side hustles can be a challenge sometimes.

It's crucial to keep on the positive side throughout the day and share good vibes with others, even when things go south.

Soumkine coloring art book helps you reduce anxiety and stress levels. We also added guiding notes on every page to help you navigate the process.

Why 100% Cotton Paper

• Archival museum-quality paper. Remains white for more than 200 years.

• Beautiful slightly grained texture for an excellent writing experience.

• Works perfectly with any kind of fountain pens, even the most leaky ones.

• History to be proud of: our 100% cotton paper is made by on same paper mill in Italy as the one Napoleon and Beethoven used.

• The most sustainable paper type with least environmental footprint. No trees were cut to produce it.



• B5 size is 7.5 × 9.8 inches (190 × 250 mm)

• 24 pages 

• Hand-sewn using organic linen thread

• 9 colouring pages

•120 gsm smooth 100% cotton paper

• White color



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