Discovery Set: The A6 Leather Cover in Black color. "Dessin" and "Pages" Hand-sewn refills

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Your first date with Soumkine. Perfect occasion to treat yourself with small luxuries from Paris.

We carefully selected the finest paper and leather to create a perfect space for your thoughts and ideas. Treat yourself with some bits of luxury – your hard-working self deserve it.

Finest leather from Maison Fichet (est.1896, Lyon), combined with accessories manufactured by Maison Poursin (est.1830, Paris), everything to be assembled at Soumkine Atelier (est.2016, Paris).

That’s how we imagine combining savoir-faire français with a clean and functional design. Meticulously chosen fabrics, perfect custom-made cut, accurately tailored for Soumkine books — treat your favourite journal with a jacket that suits it best.

More than a nice jacket and protective cover, Soumkine's Acrobat Collection is a system. You can mix and match different types of Soumkine books, combining your planning routine with journaling or sketching, whatever feels right for you. What's more, buying a planner in two parts finally makes perfect sense, as you can place the first part inside the cover and use the second spot for a dotted or ruled notebook.

The A6 Leather Cover:

• A6 Size (160 mm x 110 mm) 6.3 x 4.33 inches

• LWG approved and certified 

• Vegetable tanned

• Full-grain premium-quality texture

• Smooth aniline finishing

• Extra oil nourishing for durability

"Dessin" Hand-sewn refill:

• A6 size is 105 × 150 mm (4.13 x 5.91 inches

• 28 pages 

• 120 gsm smooth 100% cotton paper

• Perfect for calligraphy, writing, and drawing

• Excellent for Fountain pens

• White color

"Pages" Hand-sewn refill:

• A6 size is 105 × 150 mm (4.13 x 5.91 inches

• 28 pages 

• 120 gsm smooth mixed-media paper

• Perfect for calligraphy, writing, and drawing

Handles a moderate use of watercolor and gouache.

• Ivory color


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