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Our Atelier is Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Free shipping on orders over €80
Our Atelier is Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Free shipping on orders over €80
Soumkine Mental Health Support

Soumkine Mental Health Support


Dear friends,

 We all know that during these uncertain times it may not be the material things that you need to support your mental health. So, even though we love what we do, we decided to contribute to the livelihood of our community in a different way than producing premium writing supplies.

We’re about to launch a project that will help us all go through the current crisis, minimising the effects of self-isolation during the quarantine period.

We're looking for skilled IT engineers (java, php, mysql) and psychologists (with knowledge in quarantine research during the SARS-CoV, strong skills in PTSD and depression following isolation) for our new online project dedicated to mental health support.

PLEASE spread the word and share this message if you think that someone can be interested in joining such an initiative. Let’s help those who may not be so lucky as to have a strong support on their side.

Our atelier in Paris will remain open and we’ll be in touch while working on the new collection, so don’t worry about your orders, it’s just that we feel it’s our responsibility to take care of our small but strong community.

Take care, guys!

Fiodor Sumkin,
Founder at Soumkine.

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