Why choose Atlas?

Why choose Atlas?

Atlas Planner: Perfect for PDF-Supporting Tablets. Vous lisez Why choose Atlas? 1 minute

At the core of the Atlas Planner's DNA is an entirely new navigation management principle.

We didn't just replicate the print version (simply because the iPad supports PDF format).

We drew inspiration from the UI/UX navigation principle used for websites: fewer clicks to reach the desired page = a more positive experience.

The Atlas Planner, therefore, embodies the best of both worlds: preserving the cherished traditions of the print planner, while embracing and enhancing the cutting-edge features of the digital era.


Atlas Digital Planner for GoodNotes



Atlas Planner: Perfect for PDF-Supporting Tablets.
Our Top Recommendation: Apple iPad with Notability and GoodNotes Apps.
For the Ultimate Experience, Opt for the Latest Stylus-Supporting Models like the Apple Pencil


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