Where it all started

The beginning

Simple and beautiful 64-page notebook.
Made with passion and love in a Parisian apartment, where Soumkine was born.

Innovating the space

First success

Introducing Soumkine Zero-Waste Notebook: The world's first notebook without a cover.

one more innovation

Universal Planner

#Bujo used to be a great invention until Soumkine's Universal Planner was born. Create your weekly or monthly layouts without counting the grid.
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thread-sewn books

Exploring tradition of bookbinding

The Universal Planner in 3rd Gen. Made using traditional bookbinding binding technique. Introduced in 140, 260 and 380 pages. Was a true masterpiece and fell victim of its own success. It required 72 hours of production time, which allowed limited-edition model only.

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