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About Soumkine

We’re a small but fast-growing lifestyle brand based in Paris and we’re known around the world for our handmade notebooks.

At Soumkine, we are passionate about excellence. Everything we make is lovingly hand-crafted at our atelier near Canal Saint-Martin in Paris.

We only use premium high-quality materials and we sew every single notebook by hand. This painstaking, time-consuming technique helps us to ensure meticulous attention-to-detail on each product.

Actually, the way we like to see it is that we don’t sell notebooks; we sell the extraordinary. We sell a special feeling that only comes from knowing the product in your hands is unique. We hope when you pick up a Soumkine product, you can feel all the hours of positive energy and passion that has been poured into it.

We believe in the magic of handmade.


About the Creative Director

Fiodor Sumkin is the owner and Creative Director of Soumkine. Originally from Byelorussia and now living in Paris, Fiodor is a true creative with a rich heritage of visual art; his grandfather was a painter and his mother, a graphic designer. 

Fiodor studied at Art School in Gomel and after ten years of a full-time graphic design job, he was inspired to more fully embrace illustration, becoming freelance and moving from Paris to Amsterdam. Over the years, Fiodor has worked with major brands, agencies and publications including Burton Snowboards, NYT Magazine, Nike, and Esquire Magazine. He returned to Paris in 2009, where his passion for superior stationery grew and led to the Soumkine brand’s birth.

Fiodor’s twenty year search for the perfect notebook found him researching and road-testing all kinds of products; everything from premium class diaries to the humble school jotter. Ultimately, when perfection eluded him, he created his own range of products, with a prevailing emphasis on using the highest quality materials and processes.

Starting each day with a cup of good coffee – espresso al vetro, which he fell in love with in Rome – Fiodor arms himself with his Mac, pens and sketchbook and gets to work. You can see examples of his beautiful illustrations on the paperband of every Soumkine product.


About the Soumkine Team

The Soumkine Team works tirelessly from the Soumkine atelier, located in Paris near Canal Saint-Martin, overseeing the journey of each product from inception to production. We lovingly hand-craft every single product, working closely with local suppliers and partners in Paris and other regions across the country to produce a bone fide French brand. When we say Soumkine is made in France, we mean it.

All of our finished products are located in the atelier, so the team can rapidly fulfil orders with precision and care. The whole Soumkine team is passionate about our quality stationery, cool aesthetics and good manners. 

And our studio cat, Kot, is passionate about napping.