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Towards Your Dreams

Atlas is designed to help you strike a balance between your daily musts and your deepest wishes. It encourages you to take one step at a time, guiding you towards your desired future state.

what's inside

My Weekly Atlas. Floral - Soumkine

Things I need to do

Things I want to do

My Weekly Atlas. Marine - Soumkine

Monthly Recap

Why Planning on Paper?

Multiple studies have shown that the act of physically writing notes by hand can enhance memory and retention compared to typing. The process of writing engages different areas of the brain associated with memory encoding, leading to better recall of information.

My Weekly Atlas. Floral - Soumkine

Enough space for everything

Soumkine B5 size allows you to think, sketch and plan big. Imagine two iPads combined, with no notifications and cookies involved. Pure pleasure.

approved by time

We use 100% recycled pure cotton paper that is perfect for fine fountain pens, pencils and watercolour. It was originally used by the great artists, noble men and politicians of the 20th century. You're in a good company.

Is Atlas for You?

From our first days, we've been creating products for those who want the best. This means leaving no room for compromise. We are proud and happy to combine our 7-year expertise in a product that serves you best.

be different

Atlas for ADHD

Be patient with yourself, celebrate small victories, and make adjustments as needed. With Atlas, you can be attention different and still achieve your goals.


Mind games
Create a system that doesn't hurt your brain and stick to it. Take one step at a time, track your progress and adjust.


Activate your superpower
Regularly reflect on your progress, strengths, and challenges to identify strategies that work best for you.


Always on the go
Spend time on nature and take Atlas with you. Recharge, reflect and take notes in your favorite lightweight planner.


Atlas for Entrepreneurs

Keep focus on what matters to your business and learn the art of saying "no" to unimportant distractions. Prioritize your tasks effectively and regain control over your time and energy.


Improve your strategy
Use Atlas as a roadmap to achieve your business goals and adjust your strategy with every new level of success.


Eliminate the noise
Become more efficient and move faster by focusing on what brings your closer to your goals. Remove the rest from your agenda.


Your next big idea
Divide larger goals into smaller, actionable steps. Celebrate each milestone and encourage yourself to go further.

reach the top tier

Atlas for Creative Professionals

Overcome perfectionist syndrome and start moving towards your goals gently, one step at a time. Regain inner balance and enjoy the ride without breakdowns.


Unlock your full potential
Incorporate time in your planning for experimentation and exploration. This flexibility fosters growth, keeps your work fresh, and brings you closer to your goals.


Stay Inspired
Identify the times of day when you are most productive and plan your work accordingly. Create a routine that allows for both focused work and creativity.


Reflect and Review
Regularly review and reflect on your work and progress. Assess the outcomes of your creative projects, identify lessons learned, and use that knowledge to grow.