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Free shipping on orders over €80

N.302 (Undated Weekly Planner). Slim / Traveler's notebook size

Color: Mustard

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3rd Generation of Soumkine's Undated Weekly Planner — N.302. Fits perfectly in the Traveler's Notebook Covers.


Because the books are undated, you can start using them whenever you want.

The N.302 is lightweight, elegant planners are perfect for staying organized. Each two-page spread features a weekly planner with plenty of room for extra notes, printed on premium-quality Italian paper. 

What's New

• The N.302 is manufactured using traditional bookbinding technique: sewn by threads, it lies 180 degrees flat on the surface for a better experience.

• Now the monthly and weekly layout grids are printed in color, with beautiful salmon red "Sunday" section.

• We combined the 2 volumes in one for a better structure and got a unified 12-month planner for 56 weeks.

• There's now a full 12-month calendar instead of a 6-month option, and 56 weekly layouts instead of 26.

• Black spine is protected with high-resistant Fedrigoni paper, which was also used by German camera manufacturer Leica in its “Paper Skin" special edition.

• To give you more space for your notes, we expanded "Soumkine Book" to 140 grid pages.


• Slim size is 4.3 × 8.3 inches (110 × 210 mm) fits the Traveler's Notebook

• 70 gsm premium quality Italian paper

• Excellent for Fountain pens

• Warm ivory color

• High-resistant Black spine for better protection

• Soft textured cover

End-sheets in cinnamon color

• Notebooks and Sketchbook guide on the last layout

• Every single notebook has a unique number 

Slowly handcrafted in Paris, France.


Other Specifications

Cover type: Softcover

Binding: Thread & Cold Glue

Page Numbering: Yes

Sheet Color: Ivory

Size Depth: 14 mm

Weight: 310 g