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We’re in good company…

1960s Dieter Rams designs the T3 transistor radio for Braun

2000s Jony Ive designs the iPod for Apple

2020s Fiodor Sumkin designs the digital One-Task Weekly Planner for Soumkine


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No ink

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Just what you need, when you need it—now.

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The complete planner with all the features enabled.

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To experience all the features of this fresh, modern design you’ll want:

1. Apple iPad 

2. Apple Pencil

3. Good Notes app

Why Soumkine?

Our notebooks designed to the last page by creative-minded people, printed and bounded by highly skilled team in our Parisian atelier.

We make every single book by hands.

As a result, there is something more than just a notebook with high-premium-class paper. 

This is pure magic, the magic of manual labor.


We're keeping the art of book binding alive