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We believe in options. Lined, dotted, grid, or plain. 16 colors. Three sizes. Handmade in Paris for your every need.

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Raw Italian paper. Textured, embossed cover. Handmade in Paris. Soumkine Notebooks. What could be more natural?

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Soumkine is a Parisian brand specialising in handmade, seriously high-quality notebooks. We only use premium materials and we craft every single notebook by hand. This time-consuming technique helps us to ensure meticulous attention-to-detail on each product. 
We believe in the magic of handmade.



Soumkine notebooks are the perfect marriage of form and function. The luxurious paper is an unexpected workhorse that shows little ghosting even up against the wettest fountain pen inks.

– Leila, IG: @thepapermagpie

It’s made to the brand’s incredibly high standards.

– Priya Floyd,

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