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Soumkine becomes the first stationery brand on the NFT market

It is real 💎

On December 31, 2021, Soumkine becomes the world’s first stationery brand to enter the NFT market by supplying notebooks in both the real world and the Metaverse.

You can now use real Soumkine notebooks, planners or sketchbooks and buy their digital NFT avatars for your crypto collection.

We also made a short video explaining why we’re doing this and what this transformation looks like.

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Introducing the 4th Generation of Soumkine's Mixed-Media Sketchbook 'Pages'.

When your product is one of beauty, fashioned from raw, Italian paper, with a textured embossed cover, design demands a simple sketch, not clicks on a screen. 

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Note for Investors

Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

Last year we mastered paper and leather and have big plans for the future, with canvas and silk in 2022.

Canvas will serve to create fine art paintings perfect for spacious houses and art appreciators. Silk will be used to manufacture luxury scarfs with original prints (or ‘carrés en soie’ in French). We’re now exploring ways of working with artisans in Lyon, who produce silk scarfs for the top luxury brands).

We see our mission in bridging the gap between contemporary design and traditional techniques. That’s why we’ll use oil paints and canvas instead of laser-printed posters. For the same reason, we’ll go for the expensive and time-consuming silk screen printing for the scarfs.

And we need your help to make this possible.

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Innovating the space

First success

Introducing Soumkine Zero-Waste Notebook: The world's first notebook without a cover.

one more innovation

Universal Planner

#Bujo used to be a great invention until Soumkine's Universal Planner was born. Create your weekly or monthly layouts without counting the grid.
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thread-sewn books

Exploring tradition of bookbinding

The Universal Planner in 3rd Gen. Made using traditional bookbinding binding technique. Introduced in 140, 260 and 380 pages. Was a true masterpiece and fell victim of its own success. It required 72 hours of production time, which allowed limited-edition model only.

Creating an ecosystem

soumkine 'the acrobat'

Since 2017 we’ve been figuring out how to organise all the products that we produce and arrange them in a neat and tidy way. We tested all sorts of binding and protective solutions to end up with something as simple as an avocado toast – a combination of lightweight staple-bound journals with premium quality leather covers.
The story continues...

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