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Our Vision


At Soumkine, we believe in a journey where digital and analog hold hands along the way. Loved ones video chat across the miles, then reach out with a card. Business owners enter meetings on calendar apps, and in their paper planners. Travelers follow the GPS, yet journal about their adventures in a notebook. The Soumkine team appreciates the technological, rests in the traditional, and offers the world affordable, quality notebooks. Our products are designed and fashioned by hand at our atelier near Parc des Buttes Chaumont, in Paris.




For many years Fiodor Sumkin searched for the perfect notebook. He tried everything — from inexpensive binders made with inferior materials to beautiful journals few could afford. Coming up empty handed, Fiodor set out to create his own place to record life’s adventures, founding Soumkine Notebooks in 2016. After countless hours of research and testing, he has succeeded in designing an affordable, luxury home for your thoughts, plans, or works of art.



The Soumkine team has designed and tested hundreds of styles and sizes on just as many types and colors of paper. Our passion for premium, high-quality materials — paper that receives the wettest ink without bleed, texture that tingles to the touch, and colors that reflect every mood — demands hours of research and trial. We consider this time invaluable to providing the perfect canvas for your creative expression.



When your product is one of beauty, fashioned from raw, Italian paper, with a textured embossed cover, design demands a simple sketch, not clicks on a screen. At Soumkine, everything — from icons to web pages, to our notebooks — begins with a sketch, with a pencil, in a notebook. From there, we create a prototype for folks with a passion for pen and ink to test. Only the designs that pass every test advance to production.



Our hands touch every item that leaves our studio. Choosing paper, folding, cutting, embossing, and stitching is all done by hand. Every shipment includes a personal note from a member of our team. Our passion for excellence and meticulous attention to detail deliver an experience you will find nowhere else. When you receive your package from Paris, you will feel the love.